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Group Project

Interactive Design(60%) & 3-D Print & Program (50%) & Exhibition (50%)

6 weeks

Rhino, KUKA, Cognex Camera, In-sight Explore, Arduino, 3-D Print, Physical models



The intelligent robot plays music or interacts with human motions. The automated machine plays the Chinese Chime, which  links traditional culture and cutting-edge technology. The Cognex vision system enables the robot arm to grasp the objects  placed by the users. 


In-Sight viewer for use with Cognex cameras. Capture images with a Cognex camera, program the patterns in an In-Sight browser, convert the image's location to coordinates to the Kuka robot, and the robot receives instructions to reach the designated location. Training repeatedly captured to improve the accuracy of pattern recognition.

The mechanical gripper is controlled by the IO system. When a continuous voltage of 5V is passed, the mechanical gripper can be maintained in an open state and automatically closed without voltage. As the robot can only output 27V voltage, we choose to step-down transformer.

The IO system has another Arduino board, a breadboard, two transformers and a self-made 3D printed connector. The program is written into the Arduino board for manipulation.

Each chime has a central, left and right three positions can be issued a tone, a single middle tone, left and right hair made the same sound, we choose the arm to reach the most easily accessible location percussion. To ensure accurate and full tones are made for each chime of the chime, we set the robot's tapping path to ensure a positive strike each time, and after each tapping, the robot will return to the origin .


What can happen when technology integrates with traditional art ?


Chantting of the Ruins

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Infinite Cities

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