Integrated Design for a Healthier Lifestyle

Project Notes

Group Project

UIUX Design(40%) & Architecture Design & Service Design(80%) & Visual Design(50%)

3 weeks

Contextual Inquiry, User Interview, Literature Review

Balsamiq, Sketch, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop,Unity 4D


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Research Method 

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Design Process


This project is aimed at aimed at providing a space to help white-collar workers cultivate a healthier lifestyle, partly in response to the phenomenon of karoshi – or death from overwork – in China.

The health center design is composed of 3 main zones, including a physical examination room, a dietary therapy clinic, and healing chambers, all within a self-contained module that could be located in office buildings for easy access and greater convenience. 



— Death From Overwork


July. 2017

-- NEWS --

Karōshi (過労死), which can be translated literally in Japan as "overwork death". It is not a medical term. Instead, it is more widely used to describes a social phenomenon, more like helpless cries sounded by modern people. If one had to represent it in medicine, "Sudden death" may be the most concise, and among the most common is sudden cardiac death. "Sudden death" means the unexpected death happens on the outward appearance health people, and most die within one hour. People suffer from underlying diseases are high-risk individuals of sudden death. In addition, heavy workload and stress are essential incentive and exacerbation. Many people choose or are forced to choose the ignorance of early symptoms, leading to gradually exacerbation and unexpected outbreak.

Definition of the word  "Karōshi"

"Karōshi (過労死) " In Chinese Society

Karoshi has been viewed as a danger in Japanese society for over three decades, with overwork reportedly causing 10,000 deaths per year.In 2013, Japan's parliament passed a law calling for more support centers, business prevention programs and research on karoshi. In 2012 the government

Causes of "Karōshi"

  • Underlying diseases, like an acute viral infection or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  • Constitution and genetic factors. For instance, obesity is not only a dangerous incentive for coronary atherosclerotic and coronary heart disease, but also have a close influence on sudden death.

  • Dietary habits and daily routines are also closely related to health. Eating food with much fat, oil, salt, and sugar, sleep deprivation are all risk factors.

Terrible Cases

  • On May 28TH, 2015, Hu Xinyu, an engineer at the Huawei Company in Shenzhen died from exhaustion after working excessive overtime hours for nearly one month.

  • On June 29, 2016, Jin Bo, a 34 years-old associate editor of a popular Bulletin Board System website or online message board similar to Reddit, sudden died at a subway station in Beijing

  • Late at night on 30 May 2017, Gan Hongying, 35, died in her rented room in the Haizhu District of Guangzhou right after completing a four-day stretch of working 14 hours per day. The doctor's certificate read simply: "sudden death" 

Let Us Do Something For White Collars To Change Current Even Worse Situation !

compensated 813 families who were able to show a link between overwork, illness, and death, with that number including 93 suicides.

The latest statistics show that the overwhelming work pressure is taking about 600,000 Chinese lives every year as it is known locally –  around 1,600 every day, making China the No. 1 country with Karoshi, surpassing Japan, according to a report on People's Daily.

On Weibo, the Twitter-like microblogging platform, many Chinese expressed concerns they might be the next one to bite the dust under the “mountainous” workload and life pressure. Some attribute the problem to the rising pressure to survive and make a living in a society that is growing ever more competitive and materialistic. 



Interviews to Find White-Collar’s Problems

We have interviewed 13 white-collar workers, most of them suffer from innutritious diet and work overtime. They live in an unhealthy lifestyle because of lack of time, tiredness and heavy pressure. They are all willing to change but can do nothing for the difficulty to form settled habits and lack of relevant knowledge and instructions.



User Journey Map

Professional employees' suffer from their tight schedules and fast-paced life. This is so tiring that hardly can they spare any time to figure out how to change their state of sub-health.


White-Collar’ Requirements


Concept Development

Brainstorm to Find a Fast Method to Be Healthy

After decided to develop a service design for white collar workers to direct them to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. We brainstormed focusing on two questions - "How to be healthy ?" & " How to be fast ?", trying divergent thinking to harvest more useful ideas.

How Can We Realize Quick Diagnosis?

Literature Research:Traditional Chinese Medicine & Nutritional Therapy


  • What is TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Diagnosis ?

Looking ExaminationThis examination involves the observation of all aspects of the person: complexion, demeanor, manner of walk, body shape, and skin anomalies. It frequently focuses on the tongue. Specific changes in the tongue's color, shape, and coating reflect specific changes in the Vital Substances and/or Internal Organs.

Listening–Smelling ExaminationThis examination relates specific sounds and smells of an illness to a specific Pattern of Disharmony. For example, a loud barking cough indicates an excess condition, whereas, a weak cough indicates a deficient condition.

Asking ExaminationThe patient is asked a series of questions about sensations of hot and cold, level of thirst, appetite, and bowel movements. The practitioner also asks detailed questions about diet, exercise, lifestyle, work habits, and exposure to Pathogenic Factors. The answers help direct the practitioner to the pathological process occurring.

Touching ExaminationAreas of pain or discomfort are felt by the practitioner to determine the cause of the dysfunction. The pulse is usually felt.In Chinese Medicine, the pulse is used as a diagnostic tool. The radial pulse, felt on the wrist, is divided into three different positions and each position has three different levels. Each pulse position is related to a Zang Fu Organ.


  • How can TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Diagnosis Benefit ?

By using TCM Diagnosis, we can learn about your comprehensive physical condition in shortest time with no need to cost much and money and time. Meanwhile, you can also find underlying organ problems  and figure out scientific cure.


  • What is Chinese Nutritional Therapy?

An old Chinese saying states “The best doctor treats the problem before the problem becomes the disease”. In ancient China, nutrition was considered the primary medicine of choice. In contrast to the western view of foods, the Chinese philosophy encompasses the energetics of foods to provide a truly holistic therapy for internal diseases of all kinds.


  • How will Chinese Nutritional Therapy Benefit ?

The Chinese medicine model of nutritional therapy or using food as medicine, is sophiscated and there are many factors that contribute to determine what to eat when trying to heal from certain diseases or imbalances. Below, I will attempt to explain some of those factors and the way they can be used to not only heal us when we are sick, but to keep up healthy so sickness never has a chance to develop. We can also find similar claims in the study of gut bacteria.


Support Research: Gut Bacteria in Health and Disease

                           Why use Chinese Nutritional Therapy in a Western Clinic?

                                   Traditional Chinese medicine is China’s latest ‘soft power’ weapon

Will the Process of Food Therapy Be Painful?

Needn't Line up

Enjoy Your Rest Chamber On Your Own

Different Rest Modes & Smart Alarm Clock

Different modes are available to help fall asleep, such as white noise, light music and etc. Smart Alarm Clock not only monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the best time, but also registers all noise disturbances that interrupt your healthy sleep.

Make Quick Prototype to Test the Process

We determined to design a system comprising of diagnosis, healthy diets  and short rest . We tested the whole process to make sure Farest will function smoothly.


Systematic Solutions to Cultivate A Healthy Lifestyle



The architecture is located in office buildings to shorten the distance and make it more accessible. Considering the limited space and high rent, it covers an area of  around 600 ㎡ and takes compact layout.


Use bubbles to represent functions, such as dinning, rest, storage and entrance. And the interspace represents gardens. 


The area for rest takes the capsule hotels as reference. 

Thus, main functions can be unified to provide a comfortable environment in limited space. 

Location     Office building                     Seats                   181 
Area           624㎡                                   Rooms for rest     40

Analysis of Functions   & Moving Lines

The Meaning of  “ Farest”  




DIAGNOSIS : According to the diagnosis, doctor and nutritionist will make two-week diets fit customers' physical condition.

FOOD : Then customers still have several choices to make among diets, they can also use filter to find their favorite dishes.

REST :   We use QR code as key to unlock the door. Eight modes can be choose to benefit customers' sleep.


Wireframe for the App